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Natasha Burgess Johnson
Director of Coaching, Canadian Sport Institute Atlantic

Responsible for: Advanced Coaching Diploma, S4S Coaches, Sport Development Team, Non NCCP Professional Development Opportunities, Atlantic Coaches Conference

[email protected]

Allison Saunders
Community Coaching Lead, Canadian Sport Institute Atlantic

Responsible for: Support4Sport vip coach program, community coach support, NCCP competition development programming, Canada Games coach support, National Coaches Week, Atlantic Coaches Conference, Non-NCCP professional development opportunities

[email protected]

Marvin Okello
Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Coaching Support,
Canadian Sport Institute Atlantic

Responsible for: Black & Indigenous Coach Mentorship Program, New Canadians Coaching Support Program, Coach's IDEA podcast

m[email protected]


Mike Hudson
Sport Consultant – Coaching Education/Leadership Development, Province of Nova Scotia

Responsible for: Provincial/Territorial Coaching Representative (PTCR), Multi-Sport Coach Education Delivery, Sport Specific Coach Developer Capacity, Sport Development Team

m[email protected]


Nancy Zanni
Program Operations Coordinator, Province of Nova Scotia

Responsible for: Competition Introduction  Coach Education, Multi Sport Operations, NCCP Locker management

n[email protected]