Concussion Awareness Day - September 29th, 2021

Concussion Awareness Day in Nova Scotia is scheduled for Wednesday, September 29th 2021. The province of Nova Scotia has partnered with the Brain Injury Association of Nova Scotia to raise awareness for Sport Concussion for Coaches, Athletes, Parents and Health Professionals.

In a lead up to this day, The Brain Injury Association, in partnership with a marketing company (This is Marketing) are producing different communications including vidoes from different PSO’s and Health Professionals about concussion protocols, management and prevention. On Concussion awareness day we are hosting a live virtual session at 7.00pm that will include Athletes, coaches and health professionals sharing their stories and providing the most current information on Sport Concussion.Information about Concussion Awareness Day will be sent out through our social media Channels.For more information about Concussion Awareness Day please follow this link.

If you have any questions about Concussion Awareness please contact Mike Hudson, Sport Consultant, Communities, Culture, Tourism and Heritage at 902-222-9316, [email protected]