July 23, 2017
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2017 Atlantic Coaching Conference - Early Bird Registration Open

We are pleased to announce that registration is open for this year’s Atlantic Coaching Conference.

Based on feedback from last year’s participants, we have moved the event to a midweek date. The conference will have a different feel as our three featured speakers, Mel Davidson (Hockey Canada), Jason deVos (Soccer Canada) and Dr. Wade Gilbert (UCLA) are running more interactive sessions, allowing each participant to experience every presenter. In addition, we are running an exciting evening session led by serial entrepreneur and leadership guru, Tim Merry. The conference will wrap up Thursday with a panel discussion lead by Veteran CBC broadcaster, Bruce Rainnie

Come and join us for what looks to be two days of engaging speakers and activities.

Please follow the link below for more information and registration.

Multi-Sport Campaign spreading positive messages to Coaches and Parents

Early sport specialization is characterized by a high volume of deliberate practice and a low amount of deliberate play in one sport, and focuses on performance as early as age six or seven.*


Early sport specialization is on the rise in youth sport, and it’s a disturbing trend. Many parents of young kids (i.e. 12 and under) genuinely believe that more is better, that they are giving their child an edge by narrowing in on one sport, or even that it is a matter of competitive survival.


The reality, however, is very different. Studies consistently document the dangers. Dangers to the child’s overall development, danger in terms of injury to growing bodies, and danger from burnout. Unfortunately, these facts are not broadly known and parents are often pushed in the wrong direction. Often the push comes in the form of peer pressure from other sport parents or coaches who are equally uninformed or, worse, from private companies who profit from the hype.


To Learn more go to

Over 200 Female coaches trained during National Coaches Week


National Coaches Week, Sept 17-25th, 2016 is a time to celebrate the tremendous positive impact coaches have on athletes and communities across Canada. This week is an opportunity to recognize coaches for the integral role they play by simply saying #ThanksCoach.

In Nova Scotia this year the Provincial Government, Support4Sport and WomenActive Nova Scotia have partnered together and offered free National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) and Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women in Sport (CAAWS) workshops to female coaches throughout Nova Scotia.

During the week we saw over 200 female coaches trained across the province in Sport Specific, Multi-Sport and CAAWS Workshops. To check out a summary of National Coaches Week in Nova Scotia follow this link.

New Multi Sport Modules developed by the Coaching Association of Canada

The Coaching Association of Canada has recently developed four new Multi-Sport modules to support coach development in Canada. Three of the modules are part of the Competition development suite of courses and include Performance Planning, Manage a Sport Program and Advanced Practice Planning. To see if these courses are part of your Competition Development Pathway please check the Pathways section in your Locker account.

The fourth module is an addition to the Professional Development suit of training modules offered through the NCCP and addresses the Mentorship side of coaching.

Check out the course descriptions and the classroom course schedule as we add the new courses to our fall delivery program.

Coaching Association of Canada launch FREE e-Activity for new coaches

The Coaching Association of Canada has launched a free e-learning program for new coaches. The new resource is designed for first time coaches   Packed with tips, tools, and resources you can download, these FREE tutorials will set coaches up for success!

For more information on this program please follow the link below.

Coaching Association of Canada FREE on-line Concussion Awareness Module

The Coaching Association of Canada has announced the launch of their new e-learning module for concussion awareness. "Making head Way" has been designed to help coaches gain the knowledge and skills required to ensure the safety of their athletes. This multi-sport module will cover: what to do to prevent concussions, how to recognize the signs and symptoms of a concussion, what to do when you suspect an athlete has a concussion, and how to ensure athletes return to play safely. For a limited time this on-line module is free to all coaches and the course will also be recorded as professional development on coaches transcripts.

To find out more information about this important issue for all coaches. Follow this link to the CAC web site.


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